is a creative platform documenting and gathering UK-based support for refugees, which aims to help sustain awareness of the refugee crisis and promote further positive action.

NWMT asks individuals and organisations that wish to support refugees to contribute something that they have ‘made’. We hope that in gathering creative responses, we are instigating a level of lasting, personal involvement in the crisis, from contributors and audiences alike.

We celebrate artistic diversity, welcoming artists and artistic groups at all levels and from all disciplines. We are keen to encourage politically engaged UK based individuals, and organisations that put humanity before commerce.

We are planning to hold live events in collaboration with the organisations and artists that the website brings together.

NWMT is non-profit and works in collaboration and solidarity with grassroots refugee support groups including: HelpRefugees, The Hummingbird Project, Crew 4 Calais, Brighton Shelter Build and Resources 4 Refugees.