Would you/your organisation like to contribute to NWMT and raise your voice in support of refugees?

Is there something you have made or could make that represents your view or your support?  It could be anything!…

From stories written to gardens tended, from music to woodcraft to icing cakes….however you choose to express yourself… we invite you to make something and send us a record of it to us as your unique signature of support.

Physical Things!

You do not have to send us the original version, a picture or video record of whatever you have made will do fine. If you would like to donate an original piece for auction, however, then we would love that too!!

Digital things!

You can email us: Video/Image/Text/Audio/Links to your own Soundcloud or YouTube channel. Please send us as high quality versions as possible.

Written things!

We encourage photographs of hand-written versions for display reasons, but we will also receive them as PDF,  please make your text clearly visible for the screen.

How to contribute

In additional to your contribution we will also ask you for:

  1. Your Name
  2. About You/YourOrganisation (Approx 60 words)
  3. About your contribution to NWMT (Approx 80 words)
  4. Where you are from
  5. Twitter handle (if you have one!)
  6. Instagram handle (if you have one!)
  7. A profile picture to represent you: This can be an image of you/yourorganisation or another image that represents you, please only send images that have been authorised by the creator.
  8. Website/Other Links