In the wake of Brexit

Dear all, we just wanted to say that in the wake of Brexit we are considering it even more important to continue our work with NWMT – creating a place where people in the UK can join together in support for the suffering of refugees (humans fleeing uninhabitable war conditions) inside/outside the borders and beyond.
The refugee crisis was falsely used to sway voters. The rise of racism, of misdirected hatred and the scapegoating of immigrants has been revealed in all its ugliness during this referendum. Many are expressing feelings of despair at being a British citizen.
What can we do in the face of all this doubt and worry? We can only act with love and for unity.
The underlying aim of NWMT is to encourage a UK movement of care and respect of others in balance with ourselves – despite borders and nationalities. So, if you are based in UK, in addition to protesting and whatever else direct action you want to take to sway British politics at this time, we hope you will also turn to your skill to produce heartfelt, long-lasting creative tributes for all the humans still floundering without any acceptable standard of life throughout Europe. Make clear your humanity and compassion in a time of rising division and fear.
It is a shame that Britain has taken this moment to shut the door on its own hand. For us now, the living, moving life blood of its body, it is even more prescient to join together in solidarity against racism and against hatred. Here, there, wherever you can find a way. Make protest, make conversation, make a piece of art, make a donation.
From the team xx