SHELTER (series)






About Shelter:

“The Refugee crisis is probably the biggest tragedy of our generation. It is also a tragedy that we have become accustomed to hearing harrowing stories of the plight of refugees fleeing death and destruction.

With this installation I have in no way attempted to relate to the experiences of the people seeking refuge: I cannot even begin to comprehend the pain and distress that is part of their reality. This is my attempt at disturbing our comfortable and tacit lack of action towards finding a solution to this crisis.


Home. Crushed. Soon. Start again.

Home crushed; soon start again.”


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Cristian has made a series called 'Shelter' in solidarity with the #chooselove campaign by About the artist: He is passionate about origami and has amassed a following for his incredibly intricate and thoughtful creations. "Everyday, I fold an origami crane and using it as a blank canvas, I describe my day through colours, shadows and everything that surrounds me. It has helped my creativity a great deal, and it has also become somewhat of a daily ritual." See more of Cristians work on his blog