We Are Launching Our Website! Yes This Website!

Isn’t he lovely!? Thanks to the wonderful Benjamin Pryor and Poco team we will be launching our website on 20th June with a small event in London @ Poco Restaurant, Broadway Market 7-11pm

7-8pm:  Mazi Ma’s chef Azeb will be catering a meal for the 20 original contributors. This is now fully booked but don’t despair…

8-11pm Open Doors To All: Organic wines and eats available at Poco’s bar,

Judith the choir will be performing their contribution ‘Blood and Gold’,

We will be projecting the website and some contributions live!

and at around 8:30pm Philli Boyle will be speaking about her work at HelpRefugees and her experiences of being 9 months working in camps

Please come along to talk with us and see whats happening!